How to sell products ?


Seller Registration

  •             Register for free as a seller.
  •             You can bid an unlimited amount of items that are suitable for auctions.
  •             To be accepted for auction, the item must be valued at at least € 20.
  •             However, a garage sale is organized for items that are rated lower.


Hand over your items

  •            You can bring your items to the Herberstein Auction House,
  •            where we advise you on sales, origins and value.
  •            Items are picked up, painted, described and entered into an online auction,
  •            where the item will be visible to millions of users.
  •            With such a large reach of potential buyers, your items will reach higher sales prices.
  •            Do you have more large items that you cannot bring to us?
  •            No problem, we'll get to you! (write to


Experience the sensation of auctions

  •             Your items will be discovered by fans from all over Europe.
  •             Keep up with the price and popularity of your item.

Make money

  •            The best part about online auction house is making money.
  •            Herberstein is an international auction house
  •            It connects slovenian sellers with the European market.
  •            Get the highest price for your items!