How to buy products ?

Buyer registration

  •             The first step is free registration on our website
  •             After successfully completed registration, you will receive an email 
  •             with the following instructions.
  •             Registration is required for final registration send a copy of your ID.
  •             This is necessary to ensure security and authenticity of users.

Place bid

  •             On the auction site you will find a lot of interesting products from different categories:
  •             Art, militaria, collectibles and more.
  •             Keep an eye out for different tour dates.
  •             Take a look at the day and see for yourself the condition and value of the item.
  •             Pay attention to the "seen-bought" policy, as items cannot be returned.
  •             The viewing time for all items is limited and mentioned on the website.
  •             Place a Bid on Your Favorite Item - The clock counts down to the time of completion.
  •             Each item is the next minimum step in the bidding process.
  •             Note that all prices are net (plus 19% on auction costs).
  •             VAT is not included in the auction price (22%).
  •             Use the Auto Bid feature.

Pickup and payment

  •             Items may be picked up at the address given during the auction.
  •             Items can also be sent.
  •             The cost that accrues to this goes to the buyer.
  •             For the shipment of larger items, an individual shipment offer is drawn up.
  •             Items can be paid for with cash, credit card or bank transfer.
  •             The item can only be picked up after paying for the product.